Black Night

9th May 2158

Descisions, Descisions.

Back at Barbarella’s Rock, and it’s just before I turn in . Maria, Sylvie and Laura went out on their own this evening- I didn’t fancy it and Dmitri is looking up an old acquaintance who is apparently in Port. Vincent hasn’t ventured far from the ship.

I have business to sort out and need to make some decisions. My next ship payment is due in about three weeks and I need to sell my goods and turn some cash, and with a two week transit time I don’t want to hang about here.

The four tons of machine spares are pretty valuable and if I sold them at rock-bottom price I would still be selling them for maybe 300K-enough to give me payment security for 2-3 months. They would actually fetch a good price here in the asteroid belt, but given that they’re hijacked it wouldn’t be a good idea to sell them here.

They should turn a good profit on Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Earth or Mercury; Venus is the most tempting because I know a broker there- Two Legs Tomi in Diamond Head, who owes me a favour or two and should be able to find me a good buyer without too many questions being asked.

Venus is probably Maria’s last choice of destination-she comes from Venus and has no ambition to go back there. Visiting at some stage is probably unavoidable however as it’s such a good place to sell our goods.

Before we hit port at Barbarella I wired Max Schelling, a local broker , to see if there’s anything available I might buy up.

He has some aluminium sheet available but it’s a bit overpriced at Cr 6,250 per ton. A much better bargain is some processed steel-he has 50T available at only Cr 4, 250 per ton: I should get a good price for that on Mercury, or maybe Jupiter. If I can scrape enough money he also has 2T of Wide Spectrum antibios at Cr 95,000 per ton: I can get a good price for them anywhere, but if I can find a buyer on Luna to undercut the Earth market I might make a killing. Decisions, descisions.

I should also check with Sowerby Shipping to see if there are any cargo’s that need moving from here-it all helps to fill up the hold space. The notice boards in the bars too. Anyway, we’ll see.



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