Background: 2158 AD. It is a good time to be alive. The nations of the world still exist, but they have become more civilised. Countries resolve their disputes through the mechanism of the United World Council. Colonies of mutual co-operation exist throughout the Solar System. Humanity has stretched to the very limits of what is physically possible.
And yet…this perfect world seems to be fraying at the edges. The tactics being used by the offworld corporations seem to be attracting increased attention from, and dispute with, the United World Council. Within the colonies themselves there is an increasingly hostile attitude toward the UWC-why should the Colonies be taxed to support a vastly wealthier Motherworld, and what exactly do they get out of the arrangement?

In addition there are strange stories filtering back from the very fringes of human habitation within the Kuiper Belt, including ships going missing adding to the tension with the UWC. Possibly this Brave New World isn’t cracking up to be quite so perfect after all…

Lars looked out of the view window: the lounge he was in provided a spectacular view across the Mariner Valley, somewhat occluded by yet another violent dust storm whipping up. He smiled to himself noting that a strategic buttress in the cliff wall prevented him seeing the somewhat less spectacular view of the shambolically arranged Sallytown (‘The first woman on Mars, Thank God not the last!’).

He inwardly patted himself on the back: today was the day he would sign the papers for the ‘Louis Bleriot’ from LFC- lucky for him they were being forced to downsize their support fleet. Not only that but it looked like he might get some short term contracts out of it. What could possibly go wrong?

Black Night

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