Character Advancement

Increase Characteristics

It is possible through training and a certain amount of blessing and luck to increase one’s characteristics. You must increase your characteristics incrementally, going through each level in order. For example, you can’t skip from an 8 to a 10. You would instead have
to increase from an 8 to a 9, and then later to a 10, spending a total of 70 Experience.
It is up to your referee when you can increase your characteristics. Make sure you get his approval before logging the advancement.

Increase Experience Cost

To a 2 40 Experience
To a 3, 4, or 5 30 Experience each point
To a 6, 7, or 8 30 Experience each point
To a 9, 10, or 11 40 Experience each point
To a 12, 13, or 14 60 Experience each point
To a 15 80 Experience

Learn a New Skill

It is, of course, possible to learn new skills – it is unlikely your character has all the skills you want at the start. This requires that you either spend a certain amount of time in personal study or training, or that you find a qualified teacher (anyone with the skill at level 2 or greater). The amount of time required will be determined by your referee, based on
the skill in question. Obviously, technical or scientific skills are going to take longer than many others – it takes longer to understand physics than it does to learn how to perform basic administrative tasks, for example. Once you have met the study or training requirements, spend 20 Experience to gain a new skill at level 0.

Note that some existing skills will already give you a default skill level of 0 you can start building from:

Eg. Slug Pistol 1 will give you Slug Rifle 0 default
Eg. Engineering (Power Systems) 2 will give you Engineer (T Drive) at 0.

Increase an Existing Skill

In order to increase a skill your character already knows, you must spend a number of Experience called for by the level to which you are increasing. Your character must have recently and regularly used the skill in question in order to increase it, and skills may only be increased by one level per session. You must also advance through all skill levels – you
cannot jump from a two to a four, for example. The maximum level you can achieve in any skill is 4.

Increase Experience Cost

To a 1 10 Experience
To a 2 20 Experience each point
To a 3 30 Experience each point
To a 4 40 Experience each point

Losing Disadvantages

Sometimes your story will dictate that your character can now acquire a new advantage or finally lose a disadvantage. Your referee will let you know when this is appropriate. Please note that you never receive additional benefit from new disadvantages that your character may acquire through play, though your referee may dictate that your character now
suffers from them.

Cost of Quality Experience Cost

1 Point 20 Experience
2 Points 40 Experience
3 Points 60 Experience

Character Advancement

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