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  • Derik Xeren (LFC Engineer)

    LFC’s senior technician and engineer, Maas-trained but with no liking for the corporation nor loyalty to it. Derik is most at home with machines and equipment; he finds human company unedifying and tedious.

  • Marsha Olsen (LFC Scientist)

    Marsha is one of LFC’s scientists . She was trained at Cambridge University on Earth after winning a Scholarship,and worked for many years in acaedemic research. She moved to Mars for personal reasons five years ago to take up her current position with …

  • Denise Stahler (Placement Student)

    Denise sailed through her Geology Course at Mariner University with 1st Class Honours. She is now signed up to do a Postgraduate Degree, but is first taking a one year placement as a general technician with LFC at their Miryam base.

  • Jenna Marcuro (LFC Chief Finance Officer)

    A financial maestro, Jenna Marcuro is in her early 40s, slight of build, with auburn, bob-cut hair and attractive, wide, grey-green eyes. Figures are her forte and she served as a senior financial officer with Maas for a decade before leaving to join LFC. …

  • Desna Greer (LFC Operations Manager)

    In her late forties, with a stocky, unfeminine build, Desna was, like Haro, a Maas prospector of noted success. Very much a maverick, she was noted for her impetuosity which was, fortunately, tamed after she found herself in difficulties whilst surveying …

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