Black Night

26th April 2158


Five days later we arrived at Barbarella; it would be an additional 4 days to the Factory but I wanted to recharge life support and give everyone a couple of days break. Barbarella was-less corporate than Solaris. It was also a rather more ramshackle affair, but somewhat larger, and definitely more interesting. The official population is approaching 2K, and this was where the new LFC Offices were to be based-unoccupied as yet.

Contacting Hiro I understood that Jenna Marcuro had arrived at the Rig along with Desna Greer and the initial work teams with some more gear. The Sprite would be ferrying her here to Barbarella within the next week or so with another member of staff. Hazeera’s offices were also based here.

We spent two days in port and I had a few words with a couple of the brokers. My plan is to drop the cargo off at the rig and then return here and possibly pick up some trade goods. After that who knows? Any of the inner worlds will make a good market for the 4 tons of machine parts burning a hole in the hold.



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