Black Night

25th March 2158

Many Partings

Today Vincent and I met Hiro, with Derik, to wrap up the details of the survey. The report had helped considerably in negotiating down the final price, and the whole legal process was now being wrapped up.

Derik shook our hands as he left: we would be parting company for the present. He was off on a bit of leave, before being sent back to the Factory; I gather his time will be pretty much spent there for the next year or so, though he would remain based on Mars- I fact I knew he was happier with as he had expressed specific reservations about living permanently in the Asteroid belt. Despite his eccentricity I had gotten quite accustomed to his cynicism and acute remarks, and so I suppose I will miss him. An odd man.

Hiro explained what he wanted us to do next. LFC have procured office space on Barbarella Habitat, an asteroid base lying near the edge of the Chlaer Radical. LFC’s Finance Officer Jenna Marcuro would be moving there to oversee operations, and Ops Manager Desna Greer would be directing the refurbishment of the Rig itself.

Refitting of the Rig required some components manufactured directly by Maas, and we were to travel to Solaris Habitat-another base, where Mucho Maas have their main area facilities. We were then to take these to the Factory, which was of course located in Maas territory within the Majhestic Cluster-this would probably take us an additional week using M drive only. We were also to transport two Pilot Crew to Solaris, where they were to collect ‘The Sprite’, a Fast Orbiter which LFC has purchased to service the Factory locally within the asteroid belt. We would also be dropping off some standard supplies, which we could put in storage for eventual transfer to the Rig.

Once we had dropped off the Parts at the Rig the time limit of our three month contract would pretty much be reached: in other words there was no need for us to come directly back to Mars if we didn’t want too. I don’t want to-the stuff in out hold is probably too hot to sell here (or in the belt), and so we will need to sell it elsewhere-to one of the other inner worlds maybe.

As a short term contractor Vincent’s business with LFC was concluded also , and he seemed at a bit of a loose end. I knew he had been trapped on Mars for a while so I offered him a placement on the Bleriot for now-his skills could be useful. We shook hands on it.



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