Black Night

24th March 2158

Return to Mars

We arrived at Mariner Downport without incident, after the usual tedious journey down the elevator. I contacted Hiro who informed me that he had made good progress with the Maas negotiations, though he did not envisage that handover of the access codes or final documentation would occur for a matter of weeks as yet.

This left us with the problem of the two prisoners, and the whole issue surrounding reporting the pirates. He did say that there was a reward posted for them, but the amount (50K) paled into significance in comparison to the recovery potential of their ship. In the end we decided that it might be best to lose them-one of LFC’s other ships was in Highport shortly to depart for Luna. If we did a ‘cargo transfer’ while also avoiding Mars customs, we could sidestep the whole issue and dump them quietly there. Meanwhile LFC would progress the salvage issue after they had ownership of the rig-they might still end up giving Maas a cut to smooth things along, but our share would be greater.

Vincent needed to stick around Downport for a while as he was meeting a client regarding some old contract. The rest of us headed for hotels, and we arranged to meet Hiro at the LFC offices the next day.



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