Black Night

24th February 2158

The One they Left Behind

We had a nasty shock today. We have finished the two hanger levels and were working on the Command Deck. Vincent and Maria are checking the command centre and research labs, while we made a start on the numerous habitation areas on this level.

I was checking over the wiring in the kitchen areas with Dmitri and opened the door to one of the large freezer units to check inside. Leaning against the door-and it made me jump backwards a few feet I can tell you- was a dead body which toppled out slightly before hanging eerily in mid air, blocking the entrance inside. The corpse was frozen solid and wasn’t wearing a vacc suit. There was a bad wound to the head, which was covered in frozen blood with the face contorted into a gruesome rictus.

I called Sylvie to Suit up and she joined us an hour or so later. Her opinion was that the wound was obviously the cause of death, but in its frozen state she couldn’t determine whether it was some sort of blunt trauma or a gunshot wound-there was no apparent point of exit.

I don’t want this thing on the ship-LFC can clean it up later.

Who is this poor soul? Someone who got into a nasty argument before the base was abandoned, or something more sinister? There is no way of telling and, frankly, it’s not our problem.



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