Black Night

17th February 2158

Welcome to The Factory

Today was a straightforward but tiring day. Our first task was to set up the two large hab modules we had brought. These we would erect against the rear wall of the Hanger, and would supply a forward base for the LFC work teams which would follow over the succeeding months. In the meantime they would supply a lot of extra living space for us, as the combo is designed to house 12 people.

Attaching booster rigs and manoeuvring them out, settling them into place and plumbing up took the best part of the day, with all hands assisting. There was nearly one serious incident when Laura caught her vacc suit on a minor projection and suffered a breach-a reminder of how dangerous our work here is. Fortunately her suit seal flooded the hole with gel, and Sylvie was nearby and managed to slap a sticky patch on the outside of it. Laura was sent back to the ship and checked over, while Dmitri repaired the suit later in the evening.

After supper I reminded everyone of the ordinary hazards we would likely encounter. We would be operating in pitch darkness for the most part, with only our suit and flashlights for illumination. As the base was stripped and abandoned there would likely be all sorts of debris cluttering the corridors-ends of cables, useless junk and so on. Any one of these could cause a suit hazard.

Frost would also cover most of the surfaces, making moving about and handling a fairly treacherous affair . Take things Slow was the best advice I could give, especially if you were not experienced in zero-G.



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